Sputnik Sweetheart (selphish) wrote,
Sputnik Sweetheart

FRIENDS ONLY; Comment to be added.

Read this before adding me. Thanks!
Tags: friends only
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what an interesting, odd little readme.

found you through your murakami community, would you like to be pals?
Sure! Adding now!
rock on.
Hey! This is Ally/Hikari/Momoe from Digilife. Just thought I'd add ya, if you don't mind. ;D <3
Sure, adding you now!
Hey, this is James. Add me!
Katt's new journal. Can I get friended again?

(I swear you must have an ARCHIVE of all my comments with messages like this. I knew I should have bought a permanent account JUST to be stuck to one account).
found you while reading Discordia's LJ. I'm interesred in reading yours if you don't mind.
Adding you now! ♥
-NiCe To MiSs YoU- ^^'
Been deleted! Thanks for the heads up; just got home from work.
Just took care of it! Thanks for the heads up!
Hihi! You seem really awesome and your social politics seem to agree with mine so just wondered if you'd be interested in being f-listers! I read the readme and was wondering if I could also snag that. Did you write that yourself?
Nope, I didn't -- feel free to snag. Going to add you, too! :D
Awesome, thanks! :D
ok, now I know. I found you from the precure community. Please add me!
Friends, because you like Gaeta :)
Adding back! :D